Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well here I am the girl who said shed never have a blog because its just too complicated to put together! Thanks to Jas here I am and it wasnt half as bad as I thought it would be. Though I know it will take alot of research to give it even a fraction of the glamour ive seen on some peoples sites Im up for the challenge :) Ok, you wont see alot form me in the next few months as Im preparing for a move to australia from germany but I promise after I get settled to post pictures and blog about my dear Jane journey, my tribute to Germany (O Tannenbaum quilt) and the Boms Im working on as well as my journey from the US to Europe to the land down under and the wonderful people who bless my life along the way! Thank you for being part of my world...let the journey begin!

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  1. Fabulous - well done (tho you need a bit of a spelling edit...) - and aim to add at least once a week. You will thank me when you look back on this. It will be a great record of your feelings and actions on this amazing move of yours.