Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well we are upon our pack out dates starting on April 20th. We have been packing boxes like fiends and trying to scale down in the process. The paperwork for Jordans custody is filed and we are just waiting on the Judge to sign it so that we may have custody and bring him to Australia with us. We have a home!!!! we recieved pictures from the Embassy of our new home they found for us and we are very excited to get in and decorate away. We have decided to mail a few boxes of winter clothes ahead of us as we are told it is mighty cold in the winter time there and we will be going home for a visit to the states where it will be warm first. I am also in the middle of a few quilting projects and almost finished Angelas quilt for my sister Linn...I cant wait till she sees how awesome it came out! Binding and label and off it goes! As soon as I figure out how to post pictures here I will post a few of the finished product. We will ship the truck next tuesday and rent a car till we leave and our last ten days in Germany will be in a hotel. Im going to miss it here and all the great friends Ive made but Im looking forward to new experiences and new friends on our journey forward. Thanks for checking in and hope that life is treating you good in your neck of the woods


  1. It is easy to post pics - there is a thing above where you write your blog to click on to be able to do this (the words "Add Photos" will give you a hint...he he he).
    Where are you shipping 'the truck'? Here? What sort of 'truck'?
    And you will need warm clothes in Canberra. It is a horrible place - the old ones will tell you "a bloody good sheep station ruined"...
    Keep packing.

  2. yes the truck will come to OZ we had to get permission to import it there so now that we have the proper documents it will go