Thursday, June 11, 2009

Down Under

Well here we are down under and its been a trying but yet exciting 1st week in a new country. We are in a new home furnished by the Embassy which was nice though we had a rough road last week...seems because noone has lived in the home we have to ride out the quirks so the electric garage door opener that doesnt close all the way and the 2 toilets that leak and the gas leak in the kitchen were some of the hurddles we encountered...oh and the phone died on us after 1 day and we wont have a new one till the order comes in...all in all we have fared pretty well. Chuck Jordan and I have been trying to master the bus schedule so we can get around since our vehicle wont be here till the end of july with our household goods. Jordan and I experienced the overinflated prices on clothing yesterday when we went shopping for a suitable outfit for him to wear tonight to our hail dinner so after I licked the wounds of paying 139.00 for a pair of pants and a sweater we were on the bus home. We decided to now shop online for clothes LOL We picked up the animals from quaratine on Sunday and they were so overjoyed to see us...I missed them so much!!! I felt so bad for them as all three of them lost a considerable amount of weight and they drank like they havent drank in weeks when we got home. They are adjusting very well to the new home and are back to normal eating schedules. Its amazing how many wild animals are just walking free here. We were driving with our sponser and stopped to admire a patch of kangaroo and they were 3 feet from the vehicle and posing for pictures. Around the corner we passed a patch of grass between the hwys and there were a flock of cockatoo feeding on worms or whatever they were picking on in the grass. Wow what an experience. I know the locals would laugh at me because these things are so normal to them but we are in awe of the sights and enjoying them. Jordan has had 2 bed partners since we arrived as well. He has had two white tip spiders in his room already. I didnt think wed be seeing these guys till summertime but they decided to visit early I guess. Glad we spotted them before they spotted us as they are poisonous and that isnt something I want to have to tackle at this early time in our stay. I hope tomorrow to make my flax bread and muffins and then I can truly call it home :) so for now I must go fold the laundry and decide what im going to wear tonight...Ill check in again in a few days with new pictures...ciao for now

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thank the lord the pack out is done! It has been a tiresome 7 days from start to finish. Long days and a lot of stress! Talk about driving someone to drink!!! I know what this truly means now LOL Today we clean the house and tie up loose ends. Tomorrow is the inspection of the house so that we can get signed off on and then its all about the animals. I think I'm going to need a massage after this is all said and done. I hear that the weather is pretty warm in the states right now and that my sister has opened her pool for the season. I cant wait to just sit and relax and not have to worry about anything for a day or two. The weather here is rainy and cold today so it fits the mood. We are invited to go wine stube hopping on Friday with a few German friends of ours so we are looking forward to the change of scenery and this weekend we will go to Hanau to see the home of the brothers Grimm and then there is a medieval fest and market at the castle Ronneburg so we will go and enjoy the festivities for the last time before we leave this beautiful country! Pictures to come. Did you ever notice that you live somewhere for awhile and you nod hello to some of your neighbor's and maybe all join the same function 1 time a year but when you decide to move this is when they all want to spend time with you? Or they will say if id have only known LOL oy vey! well I must finish the house and head back to the hotel to my furry children who await my arrival. ciao for now

Thursday, April 16, 2009

going away luncheon

Today was Chucks going away luncheon and a few others that are leaving as well. He will get an engraved mug as a parting gift. It was nice to see many familiar faces as we get closer to bidding goodbye to continue our journeys overseas. I was very pleased to finish Angelas quilt last night and got it off in the mail today so that I may start the baby quilt that Rita has requested. The pack out officer will be here tomorrow to see how much we have to pack out so that we can make this a smooth transaction. A friend actually gave me a very good idea (thanks Carla :)) she told me to take all the clothes that arent so desireable to the hotel for the ten day stay and then just toss them before we head home for our visit. This way we can skip the laundering and be on our way! I think we are going to do this! We are also going to ship ahead things we will want before our stuff gets to OZ. Im hoping to get one more craft day in with the girls so that we can say proper goodbyes and I can give them their pillows. Tomorrow I will head to Mettlach for the last time....there will be alot of last times in the next few weeks...well untill next time

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well we are upon our pack out dates starting on April 20th. We have been packing boxes like fiends and trying to scale down in the process. The paperwork for Jordans custody is filed and we are just waiting on the Judge to sign it so that we may have custody and bring him to Australia with us. We have a home!!!! we recieved pictures from the Embassy of our new home they found for us and we are very excited to get in and decorate away. We have decided to mail a few boxes of winter clothes ahead of us as we are told it is mighty cold in the winter time there and we will be going home for a visit to the states where it will be warm first. I am also in the middle of a few quilting projects and almost finished Angelas quilt for my sister Linn...I cant wait till she sees how awesome it came out! Binding and label and off it goes! As soon as I figure out how to post pictures here I will post a few of the finished product. We will ship the truck next tuesday and rent a car till we leave and our last ten days in Germany will be in a hotel. Im going to miss it here and all the great friends Ive made but Im looking forward to new experiences and new friends on our journey forward. Thanks for checking in and hope that life is treating you good in your neck of the woods

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well here I am the girl who said shed never have a blog because its just too complicated to put together! Thanks to Jas here I am and it wasnt half as bad as I thought it would be. Though I know it will take alot of research to give it even a fraction of the glamour ive seen on some peoples sites Im up for the challenge :) Ok, you wont see alot form me in the next few months as Im preparing for a move to australia from germany but I promise after I get settled to post pictures and blog about my dear Jane journey, my tribute to Germany (O Tannenbaum quilt) and the Boms Im working on as well as my journey from the US to Europe to the land down under and the wonderful people who bless my life along the way! Thank you for being part of my world...let the journey begin!