Thursday, June 11, 2009

Down Under

Well here we are down under and its been a trying but yet exciting 1st week in a new country. We are in a new home furnished by the Embassy which was nice though we had a rough road last week...seems because noone has lived in the home we have to ride out the quirks so the electric garage door opener that doesnt close all the way and the 2 toilets that leak and the gas leak in the kitchen were some of the hurddles we encountered...oh and the phone died on us after 1 day and we wont have a new one till the order comes in...all in all we have fared pretty well. Chuck Jordan and I have been trying to master the bus schedule so we can get around since our vehicle wont be here till the end of july with our household goods. Jordan and I experienced the overinflated prices on clothing yesterday when we went shopping for a suitable outfit for him to wear tonight to our hail dinner so after I licked the wounds of paying 139.00 for a pair of pants and a sweater we were on the bus home. We decided to now shop online for clothes LOL We picked up the animals from quaratine on Sunday and they were so overjoyed to see us...I missed them so much!!! I felt so bad for them as all three of them lost a considerable amount of weight and they drank like they havent drank in weeks when we got home. They are adjusting very well to the new home and are back to normal eating schedules. Its amazing how many wild animals are just walking free here. We were driving with our sponser and stopped to admire a patch of kangaroo and they were 3 feet from the vehicle and posing for pictures. Around the corner we passed a patch of grass between the hwys and there were a flock of cockatoo feeding on worms or whatever they were picking on in the grass. Wow what an experience. I know the locals would laugh at me because these things are so normal to them but we are in awe of the sights and enjoying them. Jordan has had 2 bed partners since we arrived as well. He has had two white tip spiders in his room already. I didnt think wed be seeing these guys till summertime but they decided to visit early I guess. Glad we spotted them before they spotted us as they are poisonous and that isnt something I want to have to tackle at this early time in our stay. I hope tomorrow to make my flax bread and muffins and then I can truly call it home :) so for now I must go fold the laundry and decide what im going to wear tonight...Ill check in again in a few days with new pictures...ciao for now

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  1. Edna,
    I am so glad you and Chuck made it ok and the animals are doing well.

    Take care and don't be a stranger!