Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thank the lord the pack out is done! It has been a tiresome 7 days from start to finish. Long days and a lot of stress! Talk about driving someone to drink!!! I know what this truly means now LOL Today we clean the house and tie up loose ends. Tomorrow is the inspection of the house so that we can get signed off on and then its all about the animals. I think I'm going to need a massage after this is all said and done. I hear that the weather is pretty warm in the states right now and that my sister has opened her pool for the season. I cant wait to just sit and relax and not have to worry about anything for a day or two. The weather here is rainy and cold today so it fits the mood. We are invited to go wine stube hopping on Friday with a few German friends of ours so we are looking forward to the change of scenery and this weekend we will go to Hanau to see the home of the brothers Grimm and then there is a medieval fest and market at the castle Ronneburg so we will go and enjoy the festivities for the last time before we leave this beautiful country! Pictures to come. Did you ever notice that you live somewhere for awhile and you nod hello to some of your neighbor's and maybe all join the same function 1 time a year but when you decide to move this is when they all want to spend time with you? Or they will say if id have only known LOL oy vey! well I must finish the house and head back to the hotel to my furry children who await my arrival. ciao for now

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