Thursday, April 16, 2009

going away luncheon

Today was Chucks going away luncheon and a few others that are leaving as well. He will get an engraved mug as a parting gift. It was nice to see many familiar faces as we get closer to bidding goodbye to continue our journeys overseas. I was very pleased to finish Angelas quilt last night and got it off in the mail today so that I may start the baby quilt that Rita has requested. The pack out officer will be here tomorrow to see how much we have to pack out so that we can make this a smooth transaction. A friend actually gave me a very good idea (thanks Carla :)) she told me to take all the clothes that arent so desireable to the hotel for the ten day stay and then just toss them before we head home for our visit. This way we can skip the laundering and be on our way! I think we are going to do this! We are also going to ship ahead things we will want before our stuff gets to OZ. Im hoping to get one more craft day in with the girls so that we can say proper goodbyes and I can give them their pillows. Tomorrow I will head to Mettlach for the last time....there will be alot of last times in the next few weeks...well untill next time

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  1. Hi Edna and Chuck! I am glad to hear you guys haven't left yet. When do you leave exactly? I have a class in Wiesbaden in June and was hoping you guys would still be there.
    I hope you guys have a safe move!